Hello all... I'm sure you've heard of me. Pitch Black, here to fill your nights with pure darkness and fear, to my discreet pleasure.

Hello, my little nightmares.

*grins*This may sound a bit foolish of me, but if the world does end tomorrow… I’ll have to say that I’ll miss all of you dearly. Even you happy-go-lucky, pestering little ones… I hope everything turns out well. If you’re lucky, I’ll refrain from giving out nightmares tonight. Your welcome.*smirks, toying with a shadow*


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    *looks around, a slow grin curling his lips*Well…it certainly looks like all of you mortals are alive and active. But no...
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    I’ll stick with what I believe, then~ Though it will be rather fun to wait out tomorrow and wonder just when, and if the...
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